Six grapes port review

The foods we enjoy in the cooler weather match these wine preferences, too. Whether your thing is ruby or tawny, or maybe a white Port, the fortified elixir is warming, soothing, and immensely satisfying. William and John Graham originally set up shop as textile traders. Inthey accepted 27 barrels of Port as payment for a debt. They must have been impressed with the product, because they decided to change their business direction and produce Port.

Port is a fortified wine. Port starts out like any other wine. Grapes are harvested and fermentation started. However, before the yeast can finish eating all the sugar, fermentation is intentionally stopped by adding a high-proof spirit, typically brandy.

This stops the fermentation process, and the wine retains a higher level of sugar. This process was originally developed to preserve the wine during shipping — back in those days everything was transported by ship, and traditional wine often spoiled in transit. The brandy also increases the alcohol content; fortifying the wine. This process gives Port its distinctive sweet, rich flavor profile. Made from grapes harvested from the same vineyards that result in their Vintage Ports, the Six Grapes Reserve is often compared to those pricier bottles.

How good is it? The following wine was provided as a media sample for review. All review, descriptions, and opinions are our own. We received no additional compensation.

Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port: A Delicious Partner for Dessert or Cheese

This is dark! Inky purple color. There are aromas of black currant, stewed blackberry and cherry, and blueberry. As the wine glides over the lips, silky smooth tannins deliver rich flavors of spicy blackberry, cassis, blueberry, and cherry…lots of cherry! There are notes of black pepper and spice mid-palate. Decadent full body and mouthfeel. The finish goes on and on with chocolate covered cherry, blackberry, and soft spice.

For a wine this good, at such an affordable price, you should go get some. Like Like. Recently we reviewed a Reserve Port, that we enjoyed as the late summer evenings started to cool. That one was a non-vintage, as most […]. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.Dessert is a special occasion in our house reserved for when we entertain, or celebrate a birthday or other special occasion.

But my thoughts quickly drifted to possible dessert pairings. I came up with one and I tested the pairing on my girlfriends.

six grapes port review

They liked it. The other I stumbled upon by accident. Port is made only one place in the world: the Douro River Valley of Portugal. Port takes its name from Oporto, the Portuguese city that lies at the mouth of the Douro River.

Port is made in many styles and those listed below are the Port styles you are most likely to encounter. Blending of grape varieties, and in some cases vintages, is standard practice. Grapes are crushed, traditionally by foot treading, and left to ferment in tanks.

Then, fermentation is stopped early, at about the halfway point, with the addition of neutral grape spirits clear brandy. The high alcohol content of the grape spirits kills the yeast resulting in a sweet wine because so little of the grape sugar has been converted to alcohol with relatively high alcohol from the brandy.

The maturation and aging of Port comes next and is what determines the style of Port wine being made. Tawny Ports are aged for years in barrel and are blends of several vintages. Tawny Ports are labeled 10, 20 or year and have been so classified based on the flavor of the wine. Reserve Port is a blend of very good quality wines that are aged four to six years in barrel before being bottled and released.

These wines are accessible and affordable. They are made every year and spend four to six years in barrel before bottling. Vintage Port is made only in years that are declared to be exceptional by Port shippers. It is expensive, made from only one vintage and aged only two years in barrel before being bottled. But Vintage Port then ages for a decade or more in bottle gaining complexity with time.

The flavors are concentrated, rich and sweet.

six grapes port review

The finish is very long with fruit, spice, tannins and warmth. I love panna cotta. It is easy to make and can be made ahead of time, so it is perfect for entertaining. It can also be made in a variety of flavors. I had a chocolate paring in mind for the Six Grapes Reserve Port, so I modified my favorite panna cotta recipe accordingly. Because we have beautifully-ripe navel oranges at the moment I added orange to the recipe as well.

I tested the recipe on a group of friends who gave it a thumbs up. My Aunt Maggie taught me to make this cheese ball.Add My Review.

Winery: Graham's. A lip-smacking, tasty, well-priced dessert wine from the iconic Port region of Portugal. Loaded with aromas of fleshy ripe purple plums and blackberry jam. Great way to finish dinner.

Pair with Black Forest cake. Add New Vintage. Natalie MacLean is editor of Canada's largest wine review web site, publishing hundreds of wine reviews every week for more thanmembers. Get access to all of her reviews today by becoming a member of her site.

Know the wines you want before you even get to the store with my wine reviews.

Here’s the Port Wine You’ll Want to Drink Every Day

Join now. It's free. Best Books of the Year. Natalie MacLean writes about wine with a sensuous obsession MacLean is the disarming Everywoman. She loves wine, loves drinking She can write beautifully about wine. There are very few people in the wine world who "get it" and Natalie is one of those who brings more fun to a buttoned-up and stodgy game.

About Contact Login. Welcome Back! Sign in here:. Not Registered?Not all port only consists of the heavy, ruby coloured stuff either.

six grapes port review

You can get all kinds, including white port made from white grapeseach with different characteristics. Port is a fortified wine produced in the Duoro Valley, in the northern provinces of Portugal — one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. There are several different types, each with their own unique characteristics. These include:. Ruby Port — Aged for years in barrels or vats, these are full-bodied ports that are meant to be drunk young. They are fruity, vibrant and a great accompaniment to the cheeseboard or with berry-based desserts.

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Reserve Port — these are usually slightly higher quality than ruby ports. Aged for a bit longer, they offer more sophistication and complexity but have the same deep red colouring and fruity flavours. Best with soft cheeses. After being aged for around two years, vintage ports are further aged in bottles. The best ones can be aged for decades and are both powerful and elegant. They go well with dark chocolate, blue cheeses or on their own. Single Quinta Vintage Port — These ports are produced from a Port House's best vineyards in a great year, but may not be quite good enough for a declared Vintage Port.

Great with cheese. Tawny Port — After being aged in oak barrels, tawny ports are further aged in bottles for periods such as ten, 20, 40 years etc. The name comes from the tawny colour they develop over time and they tend to be very smooth and mellow, with flavours of fruit and nuts.

They go well with cheeses and some puddings.

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White Port — Briefly aged before bottling, they are meant to be drunk young and range from crisp dry wines, best served with tonic, ice and lemon, to sweeter versions, which go well with puddings. There are some aged white ports too. Made from a blend of two or three vintages, the idea is you get the best of all the harvests and this one is both creamy and smooth and pairs well with puddings, especially with berries and chocolate — or with strong cheeses.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address:. Sign me up! Posted by Arctic Wolf on April 12, It is, you could say, the flagship Reserve Port Wine produced by the company or lodge. However unlike the Vintage Port, Six Grapes is a blend of different Vintages which have been aged a relatively short period of time between 3 and 4 years. It carries deep red tones at the center of the glass, and a rich plum coloured crest at the top.

The aroma has depth, full of the smells of sweetened ripe dark fruit. I am thinking dark ripe BC cherries, wild blackberries and plump purple plums. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Graham's Six Grapes Reserve Port Wine Review

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six grapes port review

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Best port 2020: We round up the best Ruby, Reserve, Single Quinta and Crusted ports from £19

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